Hi and welcome to Taurus the very funny Gorilla-gram,Gorilla-zam Tarzan stripogram man kissagram performer!

As a Gorilla-gram performer,Taurus can arrive at your party dressed in his Gorilla costume,surprise the intended person with a gorilla routine and then get the lady to dance with him.If it is a woman, Taurus will get her to sit on his hairy lap and take off his mask giving her a kiss!

If you are looking for a more revealing strip routine with a striptease and a wild surprise,then book the Gorillazam! As a Gorillazam,Taurus will perform the same routine as before but this time he will strip out of his Gorilla costume and appear as a sexy Tarzan underneath and a kissogram,stripogram is performed to either G String or Full Monty.

The Gorilla-gram & Gorillazam are both perfect for day office parties,corporate wind ups,Funny grams,kissagrams,strippagrams, Hen Nights,leaving partys,suprise birthdays and any other fun event .....

Included in the service is a special Gorillogram or Gorilla-zams and a selection of gifts such as some bananas, polaroid photo and wine...

Please note:

The performance can range from 5 mins to 15 mins subject to the level of performance. A Gorillagram is intended to brief,short and comical as it is a one off event.The Gorilla costume is rather balky,arkward to perform in and difficult to see so the performance can only be short in duration.

The Gorillzam is more for Hen parties and ladies nights where the Gorilla will strip out of his Gorilla outfit and appear as Hunky Tarzan! This routine lasts longer and either a kissogram or strippogram is performed!

Taurus covers his Gorillograms throughout Oxford,Cambridge,Coventry Basingstoke,Chelmsford,Bedfordshire,Swindon,Maidstone,Colchester, Braintree,Wokingham,Bath,Aldershot,Northampton,Sheffield,Greater London,M25,Heathrow,Gatwick,Bracknell,Luton,Harlow,Slough, Cheshire,Stevenage,Kent,Somerset

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Please note:- Travel will apply for any distance bookings